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Remote Data Backup Solutions



Protecting your data is an essential part of being a small business owner. Losing files happens to everyone at some point. Whether you lose a single file or an entire folder or even your whole computer, remote backups will protect you.


Unfrustrating Computers has the tools and software needed to protect your data. Data backups are an inexpensive way to ensure business continuity. When your data is appropriately backed up, you can also breathe easily that regardless of why your data is lost, you will get your information back.

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Cloud Backup Protects your Data Remotely


Many people believe that if they copy their data to an external hard drive they are sufficiently protected. If your hard drive dies, you are protected. However, if there is a fire in your office, your external hard drive will be destroyed along with your computer.

Data Backup best practice is to have your data protected in an alternate location. Our backup services use the cloud-based solution in a remote location, so your data is protected regardless of the situation.


Cloud storage also guarantees that you can recover your data from any location. With more people working from home, it is important to be able to access your company data from wherever you are working. The backup process is seamless and recovery is usually as easy as a click of the mouse.


Some of the most common causes of data loss include:

  • hardware failure

  • accidentally dealing or saving over a file

  • disgruntled employee purposely deleting information

  • corruption due to a malware or ransomware attack


When you properly backup your data, it doesn't matter what the cause is. You know that your data is safe and sound.


Your Data is the life of your business so having a data protection strategy is an important part of your business plan. Backup differs from disaster recovery. Disaster recovery restores entire systems or programs. Data Backup systems protect your individual files and folders so you can restore the files you need without having to restore an entire server.

Unfrustrating Computer Provides Backup and Recovery Services

Call Unfrustrating Computers at 516-679-5540 to ask us about our Remote Backup solution and other ways that we can help you manage your small business computer network and infrastructure.

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