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Why Choose Unfrustrating Computers?


Unfrustrating Computers is a small business Information Technology firm. We specialize in your local infrastructure, which includes all of the technology in your office. We develop an IT plan with you, so as you grow your company, the IT Infrastructure is already there, ready to grow with you. 

We are interested in a long-range plan to save you money. We will point you towards cost-effective solutions, including free resources when such options are available.

Steven Burstyn, Unfrustrating Computers' President, is an experienced IT professional who has provided desktop support and network administration in large organizations. Steven recognizes that computers and the network in a small business are the life-blood of the organization. Steven will manage your infrastructure, which is so critical for your business's success. He brings high-level IT knowledge and skills to small businesses at an affordable price.

Don't just curse at your cursor! Call Unfrustrating Computers today at 516-679-5540, before things go wrong! We will protect your data and monitor your hardware. We will make sure your computers and network work for you, not the other way around.

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