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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I do if my computer does not turn on?
    The first thing to do is check to see that all of you connections and plugs are secure. Plugs can loosen over time, or just be knocked out of a wall or power strip accidentally. Also check that your power strip is switched on. Some power strips have a circut breaker to protect your equipment from surges. Try plugging something else into socket the computer is plugged into to make sure the socket is working. If you are plugged into a power strip, more the plug directly to the wall to make sure the problem isn't the power strip. If everything looks good, and your computer is still not booting, check to see if your power supply has a separate switch. When you turn on the computer listen for any activity at all, such as fans or the power supply or lights. If you tried all of these basic things and the computer will still not turn on, call us at 516-679-5540.
  • I am hearing a clicking sound coming from my computer, what could it be?"
    When you computer starts to make a noise it didn't make before, you should not ignore it. A clicking sound could be a sign of a failing hard drive. You need to act immediately to ensure you do not lose any data. Your computer also has several fans to keep the insides cool. There are fans on the case, the power supply, the processor, some add on cards also have fans. A clicking sound could also be that any one of these fans is somehow being obstructed. While this by itself is not terrible, if left unresolved, the fan cannot do its job of cooling down whatever component it is meant for, and that component can overheat and burn out. Clcking can also come from a power supply, which is a sign that there is a problem that can lead to power supply to break as well. A clicking sound can also be a defective CD/DVD player. A clicking sound coming from your computer is never a good thing. Whether you can find the cause or not, call us at 516-679-5540 to let us know about it.
  • How important is it to upgrade to the latest version of Windows?
    You may not need to upgrade to the latest versions right away, but you should be on a version of Windows that is still supported. Microsoft is only releasing updates, patches, and fixes for versions of operating systems that are still supported. So if you are running Windows 7, you are no longer getting any updates. This is a serious risk because when new vulnerabilities are found, Microsoft will not release a patch to resolve the security risk. the longer you remain on an unsupported version of an operating system, the higher the security risk is to your computer and the data and information stored on your computer. If you are running an older version of Windows, even older versions of Windows 10, call us at 516-679-5540 to discuss having your computers upgraded.
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