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Creating Videos

Whether you are creating a video for your YouTube channel or a training video for your employees, screen recording has become an essential part of working with Windows. Windows 10 and 11 both have a screen recording app built is, but it may not be able to find it where you think it would be. The screen recorder is included in the Xbox Game Bar tool. The good news is that you are not limited to recording game play with the screen recorder. You can record almost anything you want. We say almost since there are limitations to the built-in tool.

With the Xbox Game Bar tool, you can only record within a single application. You cannot record your entire desktop and you cannot record within File Explorer. This means that if you want to record a task that requires multiple applications or browsing through File Explorer, you will need to get a third-party screen recorder to get the job done right.

If the Xbox Game Bar limitations are too restrictive for you, the good news is that there is a tool that there is a free and open-source application you can download and use. OBS Studio makes it easy to record your screen, create a video for professional or personal use, and even livestream.

Many business owners are getting themselves out there over YouTube to expand their online presence and generate new business. Video is a great way to show what you do and how you do it. It is a great way to show that you are an expert in your field, and it gives you additional legitimacy when people search for you when they are deciding whether they are going to call you or are they going to call your competitors instead.

Video is also an important part of your overall marketing strategy. Adding video to your website is a proven way to generate more traffic to your site, which can also lead to more business.

When you use screen recordings, you are giving people more things to watch than just a talking head. When you have visual elements to your video, it becomes more interesting and give people a reason to watch longer than they would otherwise.

Things like screen recording or even taking screen shot used to be advanced functionality that required expensive applications and still only produced low quality results. Whether through the built-in tool or the open source and free OBS Studio, you can get high quality screen recordings at no cost and with very little hassle. Everyone is looking for a way to get an edge on their competition. Creating videos is a great way to do so, and with Windows 10 and Windows 11, creating a video is now something anyone can do.

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