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File Manager Tabs - A Simple Upgrade Everyone Will Love

Often when there is an upgrade to Windows or anything people use regularly, people are skeptical about it. The skepticism is because people do not like change. Microsoft is rolling out an update that we think most people will like. The new feature is something that Macs have had for a while. We are talking about tabs on File Explorer.

How often have you been working on a project where you need to get information from several documents on your PC? You can wind up with 5 or 6 versions of File Explorer open on your desktop all at once. Then when you have to find the information you are looking for, it is lost in the mix of those open windows. If you are like us, you wind up closing the windows and starting all over again, opening even more File Explorer windows.

With the addition of tabs on File Explorer, browsing your computer to get files from multiple locations will become much easier to manage. Much like your browser, when you need to be on various websites at the same time where you can switch between tabs within a single window, the same will now be true for File Explorer, and we guarantee that this is going to make your lives so much easier. We know it will make our lives easier.

Microsoft has been working to make the user experience better for everyone. They have learned their lessons from the unpopular changes they have tried to make. So instead of working on things that they think people would like, such as getting rid of the Start Button, which constantly backfires on them, they are finally working on something that people have been asking for. Tabs in File Explorer is a simple change that Windows users have asked Microsoft to implement for years, and it will make the user experience a lot better.

Microsoft is also working on making Windows a much more secure platform. Since the pandemic started, more people have worked from home than ever. Ever since Windows 95, Windows has been the target of hackers constantly looking for weaknesses. Unfortunately, there has been no shortage of weaknesses in the operating system. With its next major update, Microsoft will be implementing more native security features in Windows than they have ever had before. We will discuss those features when they are released.

For now, look for those tabs in File Explorer. It is a simple change that will have a huge impact on how you use Windows.

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