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It's Time to Delegate the Computer Work to the Professionals

When you started your small business, you did it all. You were the head of sales, the chief financial offer, and bookkeeper. You did all the work on your own, and you were also the IT guy (or gal) taking care of the computers, printers, and network.

As your company grew, you started to spend more time on the business. You had to begin to delegate some of the tasks. You might have hired a person to the bookkeeping and brought in a part-timer to help out with getting the work of the business done.


The business has started to take on a life of its own. It is no longer feasible for you to wear all the hats. Finances began to get more complicated, and you needed to hire an accountant or a financial expert to take care of things like payroll and taxes.

Why are you still taking care of your computers? The longer you are in business, the more data you accumulate. The more information you gather, the higher the risk to your business if you have a failure that leads to data loss.


Companies that experience computer failure with data loss and cannot get their data back within 72 hours suffer over an 80% chance of going out of business.

Deciding to hire an IT professional to monitor your computers is a big step to take. We have all been working with computers for so long, and things have gotten so automated that we all think we can take care of our own computers. The problem is not whether you could maintain your computer, but whether you should.


When you have a computer issue, how much time to you take out of your day to track down the problem and find a solution?

It is when you are doing this sort of troubleshooting when you realize you are several revisions of patches behind, so you try to get up to date. Did you know that significant updates might take over an hour to install?

Also, if you are already having a problem, installing operating system patches might not resolve the issue. Patching a machine that is already having problems can make the problems worse. If a patch install fails, the computer might not even boot up again when restarted.


Here are a few points to consider when it comes to hiring Unfrustrating Computers to take care of your computers.

24 Hour Monitoring. We monitor your computers looking for potential issues. We can proactively call you to let you know what needs to be done before there is a significant problem.

We install patches overnight. We schedule patches to be installed overnight while you are not working. We only install the necessary patches. We filter out the stuff that is not needed.

We can backup your data. If you do have a hardware failure, you will know that your data is safe, so all you need is for us to repair the computer or set up a new one for you to access your data. Backups protect your data and company from the risk of failing due to data loss.

We work remotely. If you have an issue, you can call us, and you will not have to wait for us to get to you. If your computer still has network connectivity, we can take care of many issues remotely. If your network is down or there is a hardware failure that requires us to be onsite, we will be there as soon as humanly possible.

We do much more than fixing computers. If you need new equipment, we have a great team of business partners from where we can get any technology. We can supply computers, servers, router, and hubs to printers, copiers, multi-function machines, and even telephones.

Unfrustrating Computer becomes your small business IT department. As your company grows, it becomes vital to outsource tasks bringing in people who have specialized expertise.

Call Steven at Unfrustrating Computers to see how we can benefit your company and even help you grow.

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