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Three features of Gmail that May be Useful

Gmail is still one of the most popular email services there is. You can use the free service and get an email with the Gmail domain or set up an email with your own domain and use the Gmail interface. If you use Gmail, several features can make your life easier and sometimes even help you avoid a costly or embarrassing mistake. Here are three features you may want to start using right away.

You Can Unsend an Email

We have all sent emails and realized we sent the email to the wrong person, forgot to attach a file, or had typos or other mistakes. The problem is that once you hit send, the email is away, and there is nothing you can do to get it back. With Gmail, that is not the case. You can go into your setting and set up a cancellation period for your emails. You have set up cancellation for five, 10, 20, or 30 seconds which is plenty of time to rescind a mistakenly sent email. More often than not, you realize your mistake as soon as you hit send. With this cancellation feature, you can retract an email and avoid potentially embarrassing mistakes.

Adding a Plus sign and additional characters before the @ symbol.

You can add more characters to your email address which has several great uses. If your email address is businessuser@, you can add a plus sign and more characters to your email address which you can then use to filter your emails to find emails quickly. You can also do this if you have to give out your email address so you can track how your email address is being used.

Let’s say you are signing up for a new service online. When you sign up, you can use the email address businessuser+service@ Any responses will still be sent to your inbox, but if your email address is subsequently sold and you start to get spam to that email address, you will know who it was who sold your address.

Scheduling Emails

Sometimes you want to write an email but don’t want it to go out immediately. With the Gmail interface, you can schedule your email to go out when you want it to. While this is a great tool, you shouldn’t use your Gmail account to send out mass mailers or email blasts. However, with regular use, you can still set up a specific time to send your email.

If you like to burn the midnight oil but don’t want your emails sent out at 3 am, you can write up all the emails you need and schedule them to be sent at 8 am or whenever you want.

Several features of Gmail can be handy. Even if you are not one to use every system feature, these are three features you will want to remember. They are not only handy, but they are also powerful in that you can start to use your email on your own terms.

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