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Windows 11 22H2 Issues

Windows 11 update 22H2 is now available to everyone eligible for the upgrade. That means that unless there is a known issue that would affect your computer or you specifically configured your computer to defer updates for some time, then the 22H2 update will be available to you. As with any major update, there are some issues with the update.

The current known issues include:

  • Provisioning packages may not work as expected. Provisioning packages are files used in a business or school setting to set up new devices on a computer. This will not impact the vast majority of home users.

  • Some installed printers might only allow default settings. This issue impacts printers that are using the Microsoft IPP class driver or the Universal Print Class driver and if the computer is having connectivity issues with the printer. If you are using these drivers, upgrading to 22h2 at this time is not recommended since the fix will not be available until a future patch release.

  • Copying files or shortcuts with Group Policy might not work as expected. Group policies are used in business and school settings where computers are centrally managed and configured. If you are in a work environment using Group Policies, do not install the 22H2 update, as the fix for this will be included in a future patch update.

  • There are compatibility issues with Intel Smart Sound Technology Drivers. This issue is resolved by updating your Smart Sound Technology drivers to version or later.

As we have discussed on numerous occasions, upgrading is not always necessary as soon as an update is available. In this case, if you are in a business setting where your computers are centrally managed, chances are you may be affected by one of the current issues. There is no problem with remaining on the older patch level and waiting for Microsoft to resolve the issues listed above. If you have any questions about Windows 11 22H2 and whether you should be upgrading, please contact us at 516-679-5540. Our primary goal is to make sure your computer works when you need it. As a part of that, it is sometimes important to delay upgrades for even a few months. We only send out updates when we know they are safe for your computer and your environment.

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