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Windows 11 First Major Update is Coming. Do I Need to Upgrade?

With the next major Windows 11 updates coming out in a matter of weeks, the big question is whether you need to upgrade immediately. As always, with these major patches, the answer is probably not.

As with any significant software upgrade, there will always be bugs when it is first released; that is true with these Windows releases. When a major update comes out, even if you have already decided to upgrade your computer, your best bet is to wait a few weeks to see if there is any fallout from the release. There have been times when major updates had to be quickly followed up with additional patches. If you upgrade right away, you risk causing an issue with software that doesn't have a lot of history in the wild. Even though these patches are beta tested, it is impossible to test every possible configuration of a computer running Windows 11. Unless you are highly tech-savvy, it is not worth jumping in and downloading new software the first day it is released. If there are significant issues, they will come out relatively quickly.

Just because Microsoft is releasing a new update does not mean they are not supporting the older versions. Microsoft has a detailed schedule of when new releases are coming out and when older operating system versions will no longer be supported. As long as you are running a version that is still supported, then you shouldn't necessarily be in a rush to upgrade.

There are times when it could be essential to upgrade as soon as possible. For example, suppose your computer is experiencing a known issue with the current version of the operating system, and it is resolved with the new update. In that case, you should upgrade sooner rather than later. However, unless you have no alternative, you should still wait a few weeks until after the update is released to upgrade your computer. The last thing you want to do is trade a known issue for a new, unknown one.

Microsoft is doing something a little different with Windows 11, and this first major update to the latest version of its flagship product. After the Windows 11 2022 Update is released, they will start to release additional smaller updates they call "Moments." These updates will bring new features to the OS that Microsoft has been testing throughout the year. One of these updates is to include tabs within File Explorer. Another new feature that will be released as a Moment will be "suggested actions," which will supply user prompts for possible next steps to take after selecting particular text within specific Microsoft Apps. For example, if you highlight a date within a supported app, a suggested action may ask if you want to add that date to your calendar.

Separating major fixes included in the Windows 11 2022 Update and additional features is a good move on the part of Microsoft. Splitting the software reduces the update's complexity, reducing the risk involved in installing the update. It also gives people the option of skipping specific updates if they feel it is something they do not need right away.

As always, Unfrustating Computers will be watching out for these new releases and tracking how they are progressing and if there are any problems related to the updates. As we monitor these updates and any related issues, we will start to release updates to the computers we monitor once we are confident that the updates are safe and do not cause any adverse effects. If you have any questions about our monitoring and patching services, please call us at 516-679-5540.

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