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Windows 11 Goes Live October 5th

Windows 11 is set to be released on October 5th. While this is big news in the world of PCs, it is not something you need to worry about right now. It is not recommended to install a new operating system on the day it is released. Regardless of how much time and care put into a new release, there are always going to be issues with the initial rollout. It is almost inevitable. Every release of an operating system has some problems. The problems could range from bugs in software to issues with the servers controlling the downloads and installs.

When upgrading to a new operating system, some people wait until the first major set of patches to be released. Microsoft will be observing the installs, and they will be keeping a list of issues that need to be fixed as soon as possible. For some people, it is not enough to wait for the first set of patches. They are going to wait until the first major upgrade to the operating system. If Microsoft keeps to its schedule, the first major update will take place in about six months.

For some, upgrading is not something they want to do at all, so they will wait until the very last minute when their current operating system comes off official support, so they have no choice but to upgrade.

Upgradng to Windows 11 requires that your computer meet the appropriate specs. If your computer does not have the proper hardware, whether the processor is not strong enough or you do not have enough memory, you will not be able to upgrade. If this is the case, don’t panic quite yet. You still have some time before Windows 10 will not be supported. However, if you are looking to upgrade and your computer does not meet the requirements, you will have to upgrade your computer, or you may be required to buy a new computer.

If you are looking to upgrade your existing computer or buy a new one, don’t run out quite yet. First, you have to be sure that upgrading is even an option. Sometimes a motherboard cannot handle an upgraded processor or more memory. If you are already maxed out on your specs, your only option is to buy a new computer. With all of the options out there, let us help you when it comes to making a new purchase. We will make sure your new computers are suitable for Windows 11 and include some room for growth in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns about Window 11, please give us a call. Still, the main advice we are giving people is that it is not a great idea to be the first to implement a new operating system, especially on a computer you rely on for work.

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